Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When we get a good breeze we go for it. Marilyn is like a horse let out of the barn in the spring of the year. It is soo good to be back on "Whisper" again. Maybe she is as happy as us to get some water moving under her keel.
A race is hard to say no to but we had a destination in mind.

First day in the water. we are sure happy this is a close-up because the stuff behind the camera and ready to go aboard was overwhelming.

I don't have many rules but this one has proven right. "The BIGGER BOAT has the right of way.

If we had not gotten the flat tire we would have not gotten this shot. The cotton fields of Georgia.

We made a special trip to Halifax in order to have supper with this very special man, George Hebb. We sailed together in 2007and had lots of tales to remember.

As we travel the inter coastal waterway heading south there are many day markers to help us along. This one had a homestead. All trying to get today's meal.

We did drive this year and this is one of the things one does not want to happen on the Interstate. Thanks to our GPS we were at a tire store within ten minutes.


Blogger corning said...

Good to think of you both having fun again on whisper

We are in west palm

November 30, 2010 at 4:07 PM  

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