Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5, 2011

January 4, 2011

First of all we apologize there was no write up with the last pictures. When travelling on Whisper in the Bahamas it is very expensive for internet. For example by the time we uploaded those pictures, our bandwidth and time was used, that was in Nassau. We are now in Waddrick Wells, Bahamas and are fortunate to get the internet but again it is $10.00 per 100 MBs and that includes downloads and uploads and therefore the reason for asking you not to send us jokes, etc. We love getting personal emails from everyone as this takes up very few MBs. We will be having the internet until sometime tomorrow, Thursday, January 5th.

In our last write up we were in Bimini, Bahamas. We left there 7:00 AM December 15th the crystal clear water was anywhere from 7 to 11 feet. It was a very warm day and things were going great, when all of sudden Whisper slowed down, upon checking we discovered that sea grass had gathered around the prop. Putting Whisper in forward and reverse we were able to release some of it. (you can see in the picture posted earlier the Captain had to take a dive and cut it off when we anchored) After this episode the sun went down we layered on clothes as it cools down in the evening and we continued on. What a fantastic night sail we had the stars were so bright and the night very peaceful. We anchored in Chub Cay at 11:30 PM. We left Chub Cay and arrived in Frazer Hog Cay where we got a mooring ball, walked around the island and celebrated Vic’s 65th Birthday. We anchored further up the next day, met lots of other cruisers, again as you can see in the picture of the get together. We had a wonderful time exploring by dinghy and land. We left for Nassau December 21st and stayed there until December 29th due to a bad blow. It was great, we toured Paradise Island, went down town Nassau, the straw market, attended church services, experienced Junkanoo, and other fun things. Note pictures can be viewed on the previous blog. We left Nassau on the 29th spending a night on anchor at Shroud Cay and continued our journey to arrive here in Warderick Wells Cay January 30th We celebrated New Year’s here and have been swimming, snorkeling and exploring with other cruisers. We will send pictures as soon as we can. To view pictures of where we are now you can either Google Warderick Wells Cay, or you can look us up on Google Earth at these coordinates N 24 – 24.10 W 76 – 38.30

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.


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