Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 24, 2010, Waderick Wells, Bahamas

It has always been a bone of contention whether pigs can swim or not. They can. As we tried to get away from Pig Beach as quickly as possible because they attacked us for food, another boat arrived with a loaf of bread making them head for the water.

There is this island where wild pigs call home. As one approaches they come for you hoping you have food. They can be very aggressive. Marilyn has bread hidden in her pants and this guy sensed it. As she ran for the water he ran faster. The outcome ended up with him biting her pants and shirt while I kept shouting "throw the food behind him" It worked and we made as hasty retreat.

This picture speaks for itself.

Wash day in a small way. With the temperature in the mid 80's each day there is not too much laundry.

In the Exuma Land and Sea park there is a tradition of leaving the name of your vessel along with the year one was there. Marilyn proudly points to "Whisper"

A windy day on top of the highest hill in the area. In the background you can see the Anchorage where we spend a lot of time. We have met people from all over the world doing this. I wear long pants so as not to be scraped by some vile vegetation when climbing these hills.

Another shot of famous "BOO BOO HILL"

The view from "BOO BOO HILL"

During a heavy night of wind we lost one of our water jugs overboard. We carry 2 of these with good drinking water.
Many people have budgie birds at home in cages, we have one who visits us each morning for breakfast. It is amazing to walk through the country side and meet birds and animals who have no fear of humans.
These are people we traveled with for the last couple of weeks. A montly crew.
Can you notice my new hair cut?

As I ate lunch our little friends decided to join us

A lot of people who e-mail us as what we do all day. I can assure you from swimming and hiking to having sun downers there are few idle minutes. Just look at me fixing a light.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and explainations, to get a better feel of where we are now you can go to this link; Love to hear from you all we will have internet over the next couple of days but please remember due to bandwidth do not send jokes thanks.


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