Saturday, March 5, 2011

We are now in Georgetown, Exuma’s, Bahamas. This is as far as we will go this year. The weather has been outstanding. The lowest temperature I have recorded since we arrived here is 72 degrees, this was at 0630 one morning. The highest temp was 94 with little wind one afternoon. Everyday has been sunny with a steady breeze from the east at 15 knots. There comes a time when the desire to go farther is outweighed by the beauty of these islands. Our original plan was to do this for 4 years but the admiral will not hear of it. We meet people from all over the world and listen to the places they have been. When they finish I ask have you been to Newfoundland? Some have but for those who have not we do a great advertisement for our province. Due to the fact that we have very little to be concerned about at home this year we have not been as close to the internet as previous years. This gives us greater liberty. We now have an I-pod which can get our e-mail messages quicker than our computer but is harder to reply from so keep in touch.
As we were going to the beach one day we meet this young couple towing there 8 month child in a small tube.

When we speak about a cold front comming in, this is what it looks like. Better get a place to hide.

The First Friday in Feburary Farmers Festibale is a great event. Sail boats from around the area meet in order to see how bahamians sail there home made boats.

This is Eli from Maine. He was ours for a day. With no parents around he was allowed to eat his fried chicken the way it was ment to be eaten.

Eli and Marilyn going bover their shell collection.

This boat is the only means of transportation to the out islands.

Looking out over the lagoon in the Exuma's


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