Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The begining of another season November 2009

It is now the fall of 2009. Welcome from “WHISPER” We arrived at the boat yard to find our faithful vessel in great shape. As the old saying goes “live and learn”. There was no comparison to last year when we had quite a lot of mildew because of poor ventilation. This we cured by installing a system where the air inside the boat could circulate in this humid climate. We got a taste of this weather on our arrival. For the first few days the temperature was in the 90’s with high humidity. It is now settled back to the mid 70’s low 80’s with clear skies. There are no major items needing repair this year, thank God. The engine is working fine, knock on wood. I have spent some time trying to figure the refrigeration system out and will continue to do so. It is close to the end of the line. The sad thing it is a new system. If I can’t fix it I will send photos of it and myself along with a baseball bat. Will keep you posted. Marilyn did a great job painting sections of the interior. See photos. We have been at her cousin’s house for the last 10 days, while reading the boat. We will launch this week. In 2007 we went to the Bahamas and island hopped for several months. Last year we had an interruption because of family and returned and cruised the Florida Keys. This year we have ideas, but will wait until the time and weather is right before we make a commitment. I am sure it will be exciting, Marilyn has her 12 page list of provisions. She is responsible for Ship Shores and is in the process of storing all food items to last at least 3 months. Ginger snaps are on board. We will keep you posted. Look forward to hearing from you. As usual DO NOT send jokes, as it can get quite expensive checking emails.

Vic and Marilyn

This is some of the boats in the boat yard

Marilyn painting