Thursday, January 17, 2013

Whisper watchers: We had a good weather window on Wednesday and took it. After waiting 3 weeks for the best condition to cross the gulfstream we were off. Arrived in Cuba daylight on Thursday. Although it is only 100 miles, across one has to get the winds right. At the apex of the gulfstream seas were ideal but running on the beam (side) at about 4 knots pushing “Whisper” to the east, our heading was south. The night sky was stars and when the moon came up at 10:30 PM it was magical. Every now and then we would take a wave the wrong way and a hot spray would hit you smack in the face in the dark. When this happened to Marilyn she would use choice words as she spit out the salt water while I laughed and replied from a dry spot under the dodger that it was not the boats fault. Once on the other side of the stream seas became smoother and one could smell the 80+ temperature of the water. There is something wonderful about a sunrise at sea. Saw several ships but no problems this time. We are now rested at a marina and getting adjusted to the heat and slower pace of life. If you know of anyone coming this way please give them our e-mail address. It took Marilyn 21 minutes to sign into the internet so, NO pictures PLEASE but please e-mail us.


Blogger Phil and Lorraine said...

Great to sea you had a nice passage to Cuba. Wish I was with you instead of goin ice boating tomorrow.

January 25, 2013 at 6:14 PM  

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