Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our cruising season has started. We left Green's Harbour, NL, on October 16th with our new to us 450 pound engine loaded into a 4 x 8 U-Haul. The trip across the island and the ferry crossing to North Sydney, NS was uneventful. We stayed with Ed and Marlene Giffin in  Shubenacadie, NS for a wonderful  visit, continuing on the next day to St. Andrews, NB where we stayed with Doug And Pat Brown. Doug and Vic worked on the trailer lights while Pat and I had a lovely visit. The next morning Doug and Pat came across the border with us, they went across with the cars. We crossed with the trucks. We had our homework done and were quite knowledgeable on what we were doing. Unfortunately the one Custom's Officer was not, but after about five other officers and then finally a Supervisor we were cleared. After finally clearing customs we had breakfast with Doug and PatAnd headed headed South, stopped at a hotel in the Boston area. The next day we had rain all day. The rain was heavy and continuous the traffic at a snail's pace, to say the least we did not do good time, but we did it safely.  We stayed in Fredericksburg for a night.  The next day we left early, destination Georgia. Had a wonderful drive and glad the rain and traffic was cleared up.  Arrived at Sandi and Steve's exhausted but happy. Enjoyed a wonder supper and visit went to bed. The next day we visited, went out to lunch and did some sight seeing. Monday morning came and we headed for our final destination Whisper at the boatyard.  It was very strange and sad for us this year as our special friends Ada and Oliver have moved to Ohio,we had been staying with them while preparing Whisper since we started sailing.  We miss them both very much.

 We found Whisper in excellent condition.  Of course she will need some cosmetic work, cleaning,cushions, instruments and sails put back along with provisioning.  Lots of work ahead of us. and of course the big one installing the new engine.  We found a beautiful cottage to stay in while getting the boat ready, five minutes from the boat yard.  As of today the new engine is out of the U-Haul, the old engine is out of Whisper and the new one now sets on Whisper's deck.


Blogger corning said...

Good luck on the Volvo. It will be a fine backup for what God ususally gives us free... albeit normally on the nose. Can't believe you drove within one mile of the house and did not stop for a cup of tea and a clean bathroom. Next time we hope.

Keep the blogs coming. It will ease the me thru the winter white stuff. Sure wish we were sliding down the ICW right behind you. Who knows... maybe next year again.
Love Corn

November 8, 2012 at 6:13 AM  

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