Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enjoying the Winter Season

Here we are in South Bimini, Bahamas. This is one of the two Bimini islands, the other is North Bimini. These islands are known as the Biminis and are separated by a shallow narrow channel and the people of both islands are very laid back. North Bimini island is about 7 miles long and is extremely flat. Most of the island is less than 700 feet wide, no where does it have an elevation greater than 20 feet above sea level. In earlier times this was a good hide out for pirates, ship wreckers, rum runners and smugglers. It is also a famous fishing area, where only a quarter of a mile off land the seashore drops to 900 ft deep. There can be found wahoo, shark, snapper and many, many other types of fish. Many famous people, including Ernest Hemingway made it their playground. Dr. Martin Luther came here in 1964 to write his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech and again in 1968 to write the Sanitation Workers Speech, which would prove to be his eulogy, as he was assassinated only three days after returning to the US. The beaches are fantastic, with white sand and crystal clear water. We spend a lot time on these beaches, searching for sea beans, shells and sea glass. This has become our hobby. We also bring our beach chairs and read under the mangrove trees. This area is the centre of customs for people entering the Bahamas from Florida. While we have been here we have met many cruising people, who have come here to declare customs and move on. Among these cruisers have been people we have cruised with before. We have get gatherings in the evenings and on Saturdays we organize a barbecue which has been well attended with a good turnover of cruisers in attendance. People ask how we spend our days, well today we went for a two hour walk with friends had lunch at a small takeout restaurant, the men checked the weather and charts and the women went on the beach

Mother and Children in Church
Vic, Nigel and Jim having a yarn on our "Veranda" the wharf next to Whisper

Ansil Saunders world famous bone fisherman in the Bahamas and boat builder

Regular maintenance

Hershey is one of the locals who does a great job of preparing fish. This is a grouper which weighs about 10 pounds.

Shells and Sea glass. This has become Marilyn's pass time. All items are collected on the beach and cared for later.

We have been to several churches on Sundays. Each has its own unique style. This is the Anglican Church in Bimini