Monday, March 8, 2010

February 11 to March 7, 2010

It has been awhile since we updated out blog. Thank you for the emails reminding us that it is past time to update. Since the last Blog entry we have left the Bahamas. We crossed over to the US on February 15th. It was a wonderful crossing and we re-entered via Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The main reason for going to the Bahamas’ was to receive a Cruising Permit to travel with the boat in the USA for 12 months. The law states if one has a foreign flagged vessel it must be outside of the USA for at least 15 days per year. This we achieved. In addition we are now allowed to stay in the USA for another 6 months. Fort Lauderdale is a great city; we had a wonderful stay there anchored in Lake Sylvia. We met a couple from Ontario, Mike and Dianne Flynn, who trucked their boat down and were staying at a slip in the Marina. We quickly became friends and had a wonderful but short time together. When we were there Marilyn was not feeling well with a stuffy ear. We administered ear drops in the hope it would clear up. We pulled up anchor on the 23rd and had a wonderful motor/sail to North Miami and anchored in one of our favorite spots near Florida Interstate University. Marilyn was feeling worse so we decided it was time to seek medical advice. She had become violently stomach sick by this time, along with the bad ear. We went to a medical clinic and it was determined she had a severe ear infection and was put on a heavy dose of antibiotics. After a few days she was feeling a lot better. When we returned for a follow up it was determined that the infection had gone down but there was something on the ear drum. We were referred to an Air Nose & Throat Specialist. The doctor was very good and determined she had a scab on her air drum as a result of what ever caused the trauma. The bottom line is she had a threesome. 1. An infection in her ear. 2. She had a bug, which caused the stomach up set. This was caused by dinking the water on Bimini Island. 3. She has had partial hearing loss without knowing it in her right ear for some time. I no longer feel comfortable using the term “my dear you are deaf”. She will need a further evaluation when we get home. We set sail Thursday of last week and arrived at Marathon , 60 miles north of Key West. We are trying to get things together and watch Marilyn’s condition and the weather, before deciding what we will do next. And yes the weather has been the worst in recorded history and the season is getting short. Will keep you posted.

Sunsets seem to be the most relaxed time of day

Saying so long to a special Bahamian Girl

This guy dressed like a woman strolls around the beach each day. If you slip a bill under his suit he allows you to have your picture taken with him. What a great business plan.

Even without swimwear and hordes of people it is still nice to sit on the beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Elmar a fellow cruiser made this as a get well for Marilyn

Mike and Dianne